Dave Brock: guitar, vocals
Nik Turner: sax, flute, vocals
Del Dettmar: EMS synthesizer
Lemmy - bass, vocals
Simon King: drums
Academy of Music
N.Y.C. New York, U.S.A.
November 25, 1973
performance quality: A-
recording quality: B-
source: 1st generation audience tape
lineage: master tape >
Maxell XLII cassettes >
soundforge 4.5 (WAV ) > CD >
CD extractor (WAV) > FLAC 6
torrentially yours.
1st disc 48:47 (5 tracks)
disc 1 48:47
01: the coming of Hawkwind >
technicians of spaceship Earth >
born to go
02: down through the night
03: the awakening > it's so easy
04: only dreaming
05: brainstorm

disc 2 58:13
06: seven by seven
07: the watcher
08: sonic attack
09: time we left
10: D-rider
11: master of the universe
12: welcome to the future
13: silver machine >
seeing it as you really are (encore)
thanks to sundance sun for helping with setlist
and acidhangover for matching up the titles with the tracks.
This recording is not great sounding quality, but for a 73 HW aud, it's not bad.
Probably recorded with a little Sony deck. I don't know which one. This was my 1st
live Hawkwind recording (other than the official live LP of similar era which is
very good) and for many years my only one. It's very close to the whole show, 2 tape
flip cuts, (both spliced, not much missing at all), not very clear fidelity but it
is stereo. I don't know if the tracking is right (some tracks are probably 2 or 3 songs) but
the sequence is right. I don't know when HW's 1st U.S. concert was, but this is the
earliest one I've heard. It's a good concert. The Academy of Music sound was not that
good, but the NY crowd was in a HW mood, not too much crowd noise, a little bit of
tape noise (it was on the master tape too, mastered on Advent cassettes). I didn't
see this show, didn't even know who Hawkwind were in 1973. I got it from the taper
about 20 years ago. No remastering needed- unless you want to EQ or do some noise
reduction or track editing. I like to stay away from doing that unless it really
needs it, but I'm probably the worst Hawkwind track editor heard yet on the dime.
Fortunately, as 73 HW recordings go, this is far from the worst I've heard, maybe
even one of the better sounding ones. There's something about the frequencies in a
HW show that seemed to screw up alot of recordings, but this doesn't have that problem.
I would guess almost any HW fan will find this enjoyable.
thanks to tiedye for making the original recording, sounds like he did a good job.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.