HAWKWIND City Hall Newcastle 11th December 1973.

01. Coming Of Hawkind
02 Brainbox Pollution
03. The Wizard Blew His Horn
04 Lord Of Light
05 Only Dreaming
06 Standing On The Edge Of Time
07. Brainstorm
08. Seven By Seven
09. It's So Easy
10. You'd Better Believe It
11. D-Rider
12. Sonic Attack
13. The Watcher
14. Warrior At THe Edge Of Time
15. Master Of The Universe
16. Welcome To The Future
17. Crowd
18. Tune-Ups
19. Silver Machine
20. Seeing it As You Really Are (fades out)

The Band

Dave Brock
Simon King
Nik Turner
Lemmy Kilmister
Del Dettmar

Ok here's another one in my collection that I received sometime ago in a postal trade from my friend B, who I would like to thank once again for his genorosity.

This version barring an odd fade out, is the fullest version of this show that I have seen anywhere.
Most versions that I've seen previously are missing:

Only Dreaming
Standing On The Edge Of Time
It's So Easy
Sonic Attack

Plus everything that happens after Masters Of the Universe ie:

Welcome To The Future
Silver Machine
Seeing it As You Really Are

So ok whats the sound quality like. Well you have to remember when this was recorded, and the circumstances it was no doubt recorded in.

But like some of the other shows I've shared recently,the one thing that stands them all in good stead, is that the levels are constant which at least gives the listeners ears a chance to adjust.

Once again this is a 6/10, and as I listen to it whilst writing these notes, it is quite an enjoyable show to listen to.

As stated previously the music levels are constant and you can clearly hear the vocals.

I love this period of Hawkwind with the setlist still being that of the Space Ritual period but with new numbers being added.

This recording complies with Hawkwinds trading policy, and I personally thank them for allowing fans to share shows such as these. Their trading policy can be found here:


Please don't encode to mp3 (unless for personal use)

Share freely, and most importantly:

Please support the band by buying their official releases / merchandise and going to their gigs (on tour various locations around the globe 2011 - check http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk/tour%20dates.htm for tour dates/merchandise etc).

Please Enjoy