Hawkwind - 1974-01-11 Clacton Town Hall

tape (unknown gen) > WAV (Soundforge: Fade in / boost l-hand channel (Track 1) / fade out > FLAC (level 7)

Low quality recording for completists only, only these three tracks exist.

A low and irregular level on left-hand channel of 'Paradox'(tape artifact?) was boosted slightly to listenable levels but the sound is generally distorted.

Thereon (after cut?) sound improves considerably with nice synth panning though is still probably only 6/10.

Please upgrade if you can!

01. Paradox (3.30)
02. Warrior On The Edge Of Time (2.05)
03. D-Rider (9.26)

Dave Brock
Nik Turner
Simon King
Del Dettmar