Hawkwind - Du Montford Hall, Leicester. 30 January 1975

Band Name : Hawkwind
Venue : Du Montford Hall, Leicester

Lineage: Low gen tape transferred to CDR > XLD> xACT> Flac


01 standing on the edge
02 lord of light
03 psychedelic warlords
04 warriors
05 wind of change
06 brainstorm
07 only dreaming
08 the watcher
09 awakening
10 paradox
11 you'd better believe it
12 sonic attack
13 master of the universe
14 welcome
15 d-rider
16 silver machine
17 seeing it as you really are

Original Notes:

A very good audience recording from the warrior at the edge period. Much, much better than the usual Hawkwind audience recording.

Cover included.

Do not encode to MP3

Pass It On.

My Notes

Hawkwind 1975-01-30
"Lords Of Light"
De Montford Hall, Leicester, UK

101 Standing At The Edge
102 Lord Of Light
103 Psychedelic Warlords
104 Warriors
105 Wind Of Change
106 Brainstorm
107 You Know You're Only Dreaming
108 The Watcher
109 The Awakening
110 Paradox
201 You'd Better Believe It
202 Sonic Attack
203 Master Of The Universe
204 Welcome To The Future
205 D-Rider
206 Silver Machine - Seeing It As You really Are

The Band

Dave Brock Vocals-Guitar-Synths
Lemmy Vocals-Bass Guitar
Simon King Drums
Nick Turner Sax-Vocals
Simon House Violin
Alan Powell Drums

I received this as a cdr postal trade wayback in the early 2000's.

The original info which came with this was it was a copy of a low Gen tape, transferred to CDR and that CDR was titled "Lord Of Light"

For my own listening pleasure I combined Disc 1 and Disc 2 and have labelled them so that if you wish to split them back
into two separate discs feel free to do so.

However other than that the flac files are exactly the same as I received them.

Sound wise I would rate this as easily the best sounding 1970's audience recording. It really is very good and a 8/10 or Ex+ when compared to many others from the same period.

The setlist is superb however unfortunately the material from the Warriors LP wouldn't feature in the set until later in the year, by which time Lemmy would have
left the band and formed Motorhead.

This recording complies with Hawkwinds trading policy, and I personally thank them for allowing fans to share shows such as these.

Their trading policy can be found here:


Please don't encode to mp3 (unless for personal use)

Share freely, and most importantly:

As always please support the band by buying their official releases / merchandise
and going to their gigs (on tour various locations around the UK in 2021 - check http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk/tour%20dates.htm for tour dates/merchandise).

Please Enjoy


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