16 February 1975

Sonic Destruction Reedited

Lineage -
Audience recording > unknown fiddling about over the years > flac > flac frontend > wav > nero > flac frontend > flac

The sound is very good indeed for an audience recording of the time - little intrusion from the audience, no distortion, clean sound - it just lacks some treble, presence and clarity.

This is a repair to this torrent - http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=184767

I haven't changed the sound, just realigned the tracks - some were several tracks together, other single tracks were divided in two...

Deciding where one song ends and another starts is not an exact science here - they seem to slow down at the end of many tracks, and then move into the next one, so I've started tracks not necessarily when the tempo changes, but with the momentum as the new one starts to show itself recognisably. I also faded out at the end of one CD and in at the start of the next, without losing any sound (ie there's overlap - if you're putting this onto a single uninterrupted format, they can be edited back together seamlessly).

Artwork included!

CD1 (53:46)
1. Gaga <1:59>
2. Standing at the Edge <3:40>
3. Lord of Light <7:17>
4. Psychedelic Warlord <8:23>
5. Warriors [Moorcock/House/King/Powell] <1:37>
6. Wind of Change [Brock] <5:06> instrumental
7. Warrior on the Edge of Time <2:35>
8. Brainstorm [Turner] <9:44>
9. You know you're only dreaming <6:23>
10. The Watcher <6:58>

CD2 (46:14)
11. The Awakening [Calvert] <2:11>
12. Paradox [Brock] <5:21>
13. You'd better believe it [Brock] <6:15>
14. Sonic Attack <5:59>
15. Master of the Universe [Brock/Turner] <6:46>
16. Welcome (To the Future) [Calvert] <1:58>
Encore - more hissy
17. D-Rider [Turner] <7:33> encore - more hissy
18. Silver Machine <3:29>
19. You Shouldn't do that [Brock/Turner] <3:17>
20. Seeing it as you really are <3:22>

Dave Brock
Nik Turner
Simon House
Simon King
Alan Powell

Thanks to schweinhund for seeding the original torrent!

From original torrent notes -
"Please thank Jeffrey for getting this and of course the people who made the sound.
There would be more soon. And thank you ,Starfarer, for this info."

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