Hawkwind 15.06.75 FRICK FESTIVAL Switzerland Flac

Set List:

Disc 1

Mind Journey
Assault & Battery
Golden Void
Standing At The Edge
Down Through The Night
Psychedelic Warlords
Wind Of Change
Warrior At The Edge Of Time

Disc 2

Spiral Galaxy 28948
Opa Loka
Wizzard Blew His Horn
Master Of The Universe
Welcome To The Future


Dave Brock
Paul Rudolph
Simon King
Nik Turner
Simon King
Alan Powell

Source: Audience Recording

SQ 7/10 Ex

I received this in a postal trade this week, and may I take this opportunity in thanking
Bernhard for his generosity in sharing some of his fantastic Hawkwind collection with me.

Consequently I now share this recording exactly as I received it with the additions of some artwork, this information file, and
the addition of some MD 5 Checksums.

So what can I say other than this is a very reasonable sounding 1975 audience recording culled from a gig at Frick Festival Switzerland on

I must stress that the sound is far from perfect we have to remember this is a 1975 Hawkwind audience recording however
the sound is constant, your ears do tune into the sound and I rate it at a very solid 7/10. I have a decent graphic equaliser and you can get the sound
very reasonable indeed.

Most Hawkwind fans out there on the ether would love the band to release an official 1975 live recording because that tour supported
the fantastic album "Warrior At the Edge Of Time" which is one of their true classics.

A look at the setlist and you can instantly see why that if you haven't got this recording and you are a Hawkwind fan you MUST
grab this whilst you can.

It has rarely performed tracks from the above mentioned album plus classic tracks from both "Space Ritual" of 1973 and "Hall Of The Mountain Grill" of 1974.

May I thank the band for allowing fans to share recordings such as these.

Hawkwinds current taping and trading policy can be found here:


This recording complies explicitly with that trading policy.

Please remember Hawkwind are an active touring band and have a new album entitled "Blood Of the Earth"
which is due for release on 21-06-2010.

They are also touring at the moment so if you can try and take in a gig or two. Tour dates and other band information/merchandise
can be found on the bands website site here:


Many of their back catologue are being re-released on cd by Cherry red Records
More info can be found here:


Trust me I've bought each and every one as they have come out and they are fantastic.

Not much else I can say other than I hope you enjoy it

and lets keep those motors running!