Glasgow Apollo, UK 1975-08-10

01 Mind Journey
02 Assualt And Battery
03 Golden Void
04 Standing On The Edge
05 Psychedelic Warlords
06 Wind Of Change
07 Warrior On The Edge Of Time
08 Paradox
09 Spiral Galaxy 28948
10 Wizard Blew His Horn
11 Magnu
12 Opa Loka
13 Sonic Attack
14 Master Of The Universe
15 Welcome To The Future (fades out)

The Musicnauts

Dave Brock
Paul Rudolph
Simon King
Nick Turner
Simon House
Alan Powell

I received this gem of a recording in a postal trade about a year ago.

The files had already been converted to flac and I've shared them exactly as I received, but I've added some MD5 checksums.

Well what can I say about this show other than it's one of my favourite Hawkwind shows.

I'm listening to this recording as I write this review and I'm being transported all the way back to King georges Hall Blackburn in 1974. This is my favoutite period of Hawkwind and the setlist here represents what all Hawkwind fans want. A live 1975 show to be released Officially.

Anyway until that day comes we have to make do and mend with shows such as this to satisfy us, and trust me this show will satisfy.

So I come to the sound quality, this is difficult and I always try to mark a show down because what I think a show is and what the listener thinks might be two different things.

Consequently this is a solid 7/10 maybe pushing 7.5/10 or Ex- to Ex. There is depth to the recording, plus the levels are constant and your ears very easily adjust to it.

If you have a good graphics equaliser on your Hi Fi you can make this sound really good indeed. Not in the same bracket as Leicester 75 but not far off imo.

But taking the whole package into account, ie The show itself the crowd and band clearly are both enjoying the gig. The setlist, with rare
outings of Opa Loka, Spiral galaxy 28948, and the sensational Assault and Battery/Golden Void and this makes this a MUST HAVE show for anyone who remotely likes Hawkwind. I can't say more than it's one of my favourite live Hawkwind shows from this era.

Apparently Brainstorm was played as an encore but is missing from this version. If anyone has that I appreciate it if it could be shared.

This recording complies with Hawkwinds trading policy, and I personally thank them for allowing fans to share shows such as these. Their trading policy can be found here:


Please don't encode to mp3 (unless for personal use)

Share freely, and most importantly:

As always please support the band by buying their official releases / merchandise
and going to their gigs (on tour various locations around the globe 2011 - check http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk/tour%20dates.htm for tour dates).

Please Enjoy