Hawkwind - Reading Festival. 22 August 1975

Source: CDR


Low gen tape transferred to CDR > xACT > FLAC

File Size: 649 MB(FLAC)


01 intro
02 mind journey
03 assault and battery
04 golden void
05 ode to a crystal set
06 psychedelic warlords
07 wind of change
08 the awakening
09 paradox
10 spiral galaxy
11 sonic attack
12 magnu
12 opa loka
13 master of the universe
14 welcome
15 brainstorm
16 silver machine


A typical recording for the time of Hawkwind at the Reading Festival. I was at this one and it certainly has some of the atmosphere of the proceedings. Not the best recording in the world but it's passable.

Cover included.

Do not encode to MP3

Pass It On.