Hawkwind "The Day After Reading" Watchfield Free Festival 23rd August 1975

Disc 1

1. Jam Session 08.08
2. You Shouldn't Do That 12.24
3. Brainstorm Improvisation 22.23
4. Magnu (fade) 00.12

Disc 2

1. Magnu Improvisation 21.55
2. Paradox Imrovisation 21.59

The Musicnauts:

Paul Rudolf Bass
Alan Powell Drums
Dave Brock Guitars
Nik Turner Sax
Andy Dunkley Synths

This is a direct copy of a double cdr I have entitled "The Day After Reading" and it was recorded at the Watchfield Festival
on 23-8-75.

What can I say about this other than if you like Hawkwind this is a must have recording.

The show was a free festival at watchfield Oxfordshire, which took place the day after they had headlined "The Reading Festival".
Incidentally it was also the day Stacia got married.

There is loads of improvisation during this set and you can just tell the band are having a lot of fun on stage.

As to the sound quality, well for an audience recording this is very good indeed and to my ears I would rate it at
7/10 quite easily.

If you like Hawkwind then you'll love this.

As always trade freely but never sell.

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