Band:- Hawkwind
Date:- September 18th 1976
Location:- Manchester UK
Venue:- Palace Theater
Source:- Audience
Lineage:- Master Cassette > CDr > EAC wav > Audacity > TLH flac level 8

Disc 1
01 - Intro
02 - Reefer Madness
03 - Paradox
04 - Instrumental
05 - Back On The Streets
06 - Chronoglide Skyway (fade)
07 - Hassan I Sahba
08 - Brainstorm
09 - Wind Of Change
10 - Steppenwolf

Disc 2
01 - Uncle Sam's On Mars
02 - Time For Sale
03 - Sonic Attack
04 - Kerb Crawler
05 - Magnu (end only) / Master Of The Universe

Line Up:-
Dave Brock, Robert Calvert, Simon House, Simon King
Alan Powell, Paul Rudolph, Nik Turner

Description :- First time in circulation, direct from my master tape, mono audience recording.
The tape got mangled for about 2 minutes in the middle so on side one Chronoglide Skyway had to be faded out & on the other side magnu was ruined & starts during the instrumental section, no salvageable tape is missing! The tape ran out for the final few seconds of Steppenwolf so i faded it out similar to the album version, again no available tape is missing! On the plus side its got a great version of Uncle Sams On Mars & the rare Time For Sale, enjoy!

Please share freely & please do not convert to lossy formats