Hawkwind City Hall Newcastle 19-09-1976

01 Reefer Madness
02 Paradox
03 Chronoglide Skyway
04 Hassan I Sahba
05 Brainstorm
06 Wind Of Change
07 Steppenwolf
08 Steppenwolf (Part 2)
09 Uncle Sams On Mars
10 Time For Sale
11 Back On The Streets
12 Sonic Attack
13 Kerb Crawler
14 Crowd Applause
15 Magnu
16 Masters Of The Universe



This audience recording is culled from a gig at the City Hall in Newcastle on 19th September 1976.

Now as any Hawkwind collector knows 1976 shows are very rare with not many in circulation. To my recollection only two 76 shows have been shared on here before.

Anyway this one I received from my friend B in a postal trade sometime ago. I'd like to thank him for continually sharing his extensive Hawkwind collection with me.

As to the sound quality of this audience recording I would rate it at 7/10 or Ex-, it's very acceptable indeed. Also the setlist gets me excited as a Hawkwind fan. Rare outings for Chronoglide Skyway, Kerb Crawler, Time For Sale, and an embryonic Uncle Sams On Mars, with some interesting lyrics, make this a must have.

It's also good to hear Robert Calvert back behind the mic.

I saw the band on this tour at Preston Guildhall and although I now can't remember much about the 76-77-78 tours, I must have seen the band 15 times in that three year period, I just remember them being absolutely fantastic, full of energy, and I'm absolutely amazed that some half decent recordings have appeared from these tours.

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As a fan I appreciate the band for allowing us to share recordings such as these.

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