Roundhouse, London

Dave Brock
Bob Calvert
Simon King
Simon House
Adrian Shaw


1) Reefer Madness
2) Hassan I Sahba
3) The Forge of Vulcan
4) Brainstorm
5) Wind of Change
6) Steppenwolf
7) Spirit of the Age
8) Sonic Attack
9) Damnation Alley
10) Fable of a Failed Race
11) Uncle Sams On Mars/Iron Dream
12) Waiting For My Man

This was received in a trade, so lineage goes:

Unknown Gen CDR>EAC (correct offsets)>TLH (Flac 6)

It seems that the first part of the first track comes from a much poorer source than the rest of this recording. Sound improves noticeably part way through Reefer Madness. Given how long ago this was recorded I'd give this a 6.5/10. It's very listenable. Bob's voice is often low in the mix, but Dave's guitar comes through quite nicely. Nice recording of a nice performance.

This ones for whoever it was that requested this last week....... Enjoy.

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