Unknown generation audience recording received in trade. The tape include some distortion and other wearing but also a really nice performance by the Hawks. I given it a 6 off 10.

Thanks to the taper and the guy that trade me a copy.

Info from starfarer.net:

Date: 28/10/1978 Musicians: Dave Brock Steve Swindells
Town: Paignton Harvey Bainbridge Martin Griffin
Venue: Festival Theatre Bob Calvert
Set: Automation; 25 Years; High Rise; Death Trap; Micro Man; Spirit Of The
Age; Urban Guerilla; Sonic Attack; Psi Power; Brainstorm; Steppenwolf;
Free Fall; Robot; Uncle Sam's On Mars; Iron Dream;Silver Machine; Master
Of The Universe
25 Years
High Rise
Death Trap
Micro Man
Spirit Of The Age
Urban Guerilla
Sonic Attack
Sonic Attack (Cont.)
PSI Power
Free Fall
Uncle Sam's On Mars
Iron Dream
Silver Machine
Master Of The Universe