Hawkwind - 25 Nov 1979
Bristol Colston Hall, UK - 25 minutes only.

General clarity: 8 (mono)

Dave Brock (guitar, keys)
Harvey Bainbridge (bass)
Simon King (drums)
Huw Lloyd-Langton (lead)
Tim Blake (keyboards)

AUD > 2nd gen audio > WAV > FLAC


AUD cassette (sonic_hawk) - taped in the gallery (circle) using N2415 cassette recorder and a cheap mic.
Partially copied to another cassette in mid-1980s when the original tape began deteoriating.
Second Gen recording digitised March 2009 to WAV files using Cakewalk GTP 2.
FLAC conversion: 29 Mar 2009 using TLH (Trader's Little Helper).
First-ever availability on the Internet: Dime, 29 Mar 2009.


Intro (I assume this is the intro to the main show, rather than the encore, but I could be wrong)
World of Tiers
New Jerusalem (Tim Blake solo)
Lighthouse (rest of band start up again)
Master of the Universe (a bit of a ragged recording)


At the time of posting this torrent to Dime, the set-list info wasn't available on Starfarer's site, as this show hasn't been in the public domain until now.

This portion of the show centres around Tim Blake's slot.

This audio copy includes tape tangle sounds which aren't very frequent but do intrude. Especially on Master. The original cassette is long-lost and may turn up one day, you never know.

Lighthouse: just over 2 mins into the recording, you can hear a bit of scratching around, and then a voice - the guy next to me - warns me of "a rustling on the tape!" I was skinning up a big spliff, using the cassette recorder as a rolling mat, and the microphone was dangerously close to the pile of rizlas and the nice big juicy lump of leb.

We were all really blitzed by then, so that was well spotted by him! Afterwards, some people sitting behind said they'd got stoned just by being near us.

It's amazing I managed to make a tolerable recording of the show, and even more amazing that I didn't lose the cassette recorder afterwards, as we carried on smoking til around 2am and I got checked out by the cops and had to eat the rest of the dope, to avoid being busted. I was tripped off me fuckin box, the rest of that night and the following day.

Shame I used the wrong cassette, one that was in bad condition. I wonder if it'll ever surface again?