Hawkwind - Guild Hall, Preston. 6 December 1979

Band Name : Hawkwind
Venue : Guildhall, Preston, UK.

Date : 6 December 1971

Source: CDR


1st gen tape transferred to CDR >xACT > FLAC

Taped by: Some guy with a tape recorder in the audience

File Size: 602 MB(FLAC)


01 shot down in the night
02 motorway city
03 spirit of the age
04 urban guerilla
05 prelude
06 who's gonna win the war
07 world of tiers
08 new jerusalem
09 lighthouse
10 brainstorm
11 phenomenon of luminosity
12 pxr5
13 master of the universe
14 silver machine
15 levitation


An lovely and clear audience recording of Hawkwind in their 1979 incarnation and one of the last gigs with Simon King on drums. In many ways this show is much better than any of the officially released material from this tour. Probably one of the best Hawkwind audience recordings.

Cover included.

Do not encode to MP3

Pass It On.

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