Band: Hawkwind
Venue: Stonehenge Free Festival
Date: 21st June 1981

I got this in a trade from the original taper who had transferred it to CDR.
Original tape -> CDR -> me -> EAC (rip to wav) -> Cool Edit Pro to fix break for tape flip between tracks 6 and 7 -> FLAC frontend -> you

Dave Brock: Guitar/vocals
Harvey Bainbridge: Bass/vocals
Huw Lloyd-Langton: Guitar/vocals
Martin Griffin: Drums and WW2 RAF style handelbar moustache

01 intro
02 master of the universe
03 motorway city
04 shot down in the night
05 virgin of the world
06 angels of death
07 magnu
08 dust of time
09 psi power
10 brainstorm/right stuff/brainstorm

70 mins
8/10 quality
Clear but a little tinny. Inspired and probably acid fuelled performance.