Hawkwind 1981-10-15 Theatre Coventry UK-Coventry 61-CDR Postal Trade

Musicians: Dave Brock Martin Griffin Harvey Bainbridge Huw Lloyd Langton

02-Motorway City
03-Angels Of Death
04-Psi Power
05-Coded Languages
06-Golden Void
08-Dust Of Time
09-Virgin Of The World
10-Psychedelic Warlords
11-Rocky Paths
12-Shot Down In The Night
13-Sonic Attack
15-Silver Machine
16-Master Of The Universe

Lineage Unknown Gen Tape > CDR > Two Flac Files > Converted To Single Wav using Audacity > Split Into Separate wavs > Flac 8 > You

This is a requested show by aaproman.

Ok so having shared two Hawkwind 1970's audience recordings with cracking sound for the time, this one is at the other end of the spectrum as its pretty
grim in quality. You can hear Hugh Lloyd Langtons guitar in the mix and he's onfire during this gig he's absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately the sound
isn't that good and is probably only for hardcore Hawk fans. I would rate the sound on this at maybe 3/10 as I have heard worse if you can imagine that.

As a taper myself I know the trials and tribulations of sneaking gear in and attempting to record the gig without being spotted so I want
to thank the taper for his/her efforts. Plus I want to thank many of the postal trading community from ages ago I trade with at least 10 people from both
in the UK and abroad.

As always share freely but NEVER sell. Don't covert to lossy unless for personal use.

Lets remember Hawkwind are a current active touring band:

So support them by going to gigs, buying their cd's and merchandise etc. I will be there in Manchester to watch them in September 2021 and I'll be buying their new LP Somnia.

Check out their official website here: http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk

Also check here for the bands current trading/recording policy: http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk/trading%20rules.htm and this recording is allowed by the band under those rules.

You can also find detailed info on their re-issue back catologue here: http://cherryred.co.uk/atomhenge/main.htm

Anyway I glad I could help a fellow Hawkwind fan fill a gap in their collection

Lets keep the motors running.