Hawkwind 1981-10-22 Hammersmith Odeon London UK-CDR Postal Trade

101-Angel Voices/Motorway City
102-Angels of Death
103-Psi Power
104-Coded Languages
105-The Golden Void
106-Magnu/Dust of Time

201-Psychedelic Warlords/You Know You're Only Dreaming
202-Rocky Paths/Psychosonia
203-Shot Down in the Night
204-Sonic Attack
206-Urban Guerilla/Master of the Universe

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Dave Brock
Martin Griffin
Harvey Bainbridge
Huw Lloyd Langton

So again another show I received in a postal trade years ago. What can I say other than wow this is fantastic.

One of the best Hawkwind audio recordings out there bearing in mind this was recorded almost 40 years ago.
What a fantastic job the taper has done. The recording has great depth to it and all instruments
are clear as are the vocals.

Of course its not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and at times there is that bootlegged boom
in the recording. But that will probably be how the sound was in the venue. The crowd are well restrained obviously clapping and some shouting
but nothing too distracting

So sound quality well its a solid 8/10 or EX+

All in all it doesn't really get better than this for Hawkwind audience recordings.

My thanks as always are to the taper for doing such a great job in recording this, and then to those that have
traded shows with me down through the years.

As always share freely but NEVER sell. Don't covert to lossy unless for personal use.

Lets remember Hawkwind are a current active touring band:

So support them by going to gigs, buying their cd's and merchandise etc. They have a new album out Somnia which I have just

Check out their official website here: http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk

Also check here for the bands current trading/recording policy: http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk/trading%20rules.htm and this recording is allowed by the band under those rules.

You can also find detailed info on their re-issue back catologue here: http://cherryred.co.uk/atomhenge/main.htm

Lets keep those motors running.