St. Austell, UK
30th April 1982
'CND Benefit'

Lineage : Aud Cass > ? > PC > Wav > Trade...> Audacity (Normalize) > Wav > TLH (Sbe's & Flac8) > Dime...


01 - Intro
02 - Shot Down In The Night
03 - Angels Of Death
04 - Coded Languages
05 - Motorway City
06 - Magnu
07 - Dust Of Time
08 - Waiting For Tomorrow
09 - Rocky Paths (Cut)

These files came to me via a trade, & the only housekeeping required was a channel imbalance correction, achieved using Audacity, before

using TLH for the sbe's & conversion...

This is a fair audience recording, no great shakes but more than acceptable for an open-air show. There's a PA whistle between 'Shot Down...'

& 'Angels...', but it disappears without affecting the music. The show itself is a very good one, with a seriously good setlist, but sadly it's

incomplete - if anyone has the full show, it'd be worth digging up & dusting off...

Ffp & md5 included...

Don't turn this to mp3 - decode it to wav in TLH & burn 'em...

Uploaded to Dime February 2018...