DeMonfort Hall,Leicester,UK November 7th 1982
Choose Your Masques Tour
Disc One
1. Intro>Choose Your Masques
2. Coded Languages
3. Magnu
4. Dust Of Time
5. Waiting For Tomorrow
6. Angels Of Death
7. Dance Of Ghosts>Golden Void
8. Psychedelic Warlords
9. Creatures Of The Night
Disc Two
1. Utopia>Arrival In Utopia
2. Solitary Mind Games
3. Sonic Attack>Dream Worker
4. Brainstorm
5. Ejection>Shot Down In The Night>
Master Of The Universe

TDK Cassette D-C60's
Recorded on a Grundig Portable Cassette Player(built-in Mic)
Transfered using:NakDR-3>Audigy2 Soundcard>Audacity>AdobeAudition3

Did a few tweaks to the sound, tiny bit of hiss reduction and a compressor to bring out what was there in the old cassettes. First transfer & never traded recording.


Great gig from this tour, sounds pretty ok to me to say its age and the equipment used. 7-8 outa 10 ? Maybe?
Some parts come over with alot more clarity then others, Huw's guitar is loud & clear for the most part, the vocals are all there & clear, loads of crazed echo and plenty of the synths & oscilators.
Drums & bass are muddy in parts. There is still some background hiss but its not too distracting.
The crowd make plenty of noise but very rarely effect the recording.
Listening to this for the 1st time in 30yrs was a joy, just love Huw's guitar work,his voice is great here aswell..God bless you brother...

Watch out for the bass oscilators in Sonic Attack, the building was shaking that night, people began fainting and blacking out during this segment of the gig, truly amazing experience to witness REAL Sonic Attack.....in fact there is a cut on the tape during SA & from memory I paused to help a mate with his girlfriend who had just dropped to the floor, knocked out by sub-bass!!!. This was before the health & safety folks & their Db Meters.

Overall, if you enjoy this period of HW then you'll love this, play it loud and it will sound like you are back in 1982 on board the Starship Hawkwind...
Nik,Dave,Huw,Harvey & Martin(I think??)

In Memory of Huw-Lloyd Langton