Hawkwind: Manchester Apollo UK. 19th February 1984 Audience Master.

Musicians: Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Huw Lloyd Langton, Harvey Bainbridge, Dead Fred, Rick Martinez.

Lineage: Cass (0) > PC Adobe Audition 2007 as wavs > Mac Adobe Audition 2012 > xACT Flacs > Torrent > you.

A Genuine StuArt Space Rock Preservation Society Master Stereo Recording (SRPS CD010/11)

Recorded using an Awia recording walkman onto a TDK SA90 tape. From the front of the balcony slightly to the left as you look at the stage.
Transferred March 2007 to Adobe Audition. Then tracked in May 2012 using Adobe Audition and converted to flags using xACT then torrented to you.

The only processing has been normalisation except a bit of Hard Limiting on the loud crowd applauses.

Enjoy this great set from the early part of the Earth Ritual Preview Tour. I have tracked leaving the segues as is because thats how I like it and the mighty Hawkwind are masters of them. StuArt.

Set: part 1
Disc 1
D101 Dream Dancers > Coded Languages 06:19
D102 Angels Of Death 07:19
D103 Dragons And Fables 05:28
D104 Ghost Dance 06:13
D105 Watching The Grass Grow 04:13
D106 Dream Worker 05:54
D107 Born To Go > Urban Guerrilla 10:25

part 2
Disc 2
D201 Paradox 06:17
D202 Utopia > Social Alliance 08:18
D203 Night Of The Hawks 05:25
D204 The Scan > Ejection > Uncle Sam's On Mars > Martian Disco Stomp 12:39
D205 Brainstorm > Dust Of Time > Brainstorm 11:09

part 3 - Encore
D206 Psi Power 06:42
D207 Silver Machine > You Shouldn't Do That > Silver Machine 09:04