Hawkwind 1984-07-31 Amsterdam Melkweg, Nl. Aud Master

Musicians: Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Huw Lloyd Langton, Alan Davey , Dead Fred, Clive Dreamer.

A Genuine StuArt Space Rock Preservation Society Master Stereo Recording (SRPS CD017/18)

Lineage: Cass (0) > Adobe Audition > Flacs > torrent > you.

Recorded using an Awia recording walkman and an external stereo mic from about half way back the hall, fairly central onto TDK SA C90 tapes with dolby off.
Transferred in March 2007 to Adobe Audition and then tracked and Flac'd in 2012. I have only used Hard Limiting on loud crowd sections of applause and not any music. Apart from that I have only Normalised.

Enjoy this great spaced out set.

Disc 1.
Set: part 1
D101 Ghost Dance - 06:32
D102 Angels Of Death - 05:31
D103 Born To Go > Ten Seconds Of Paranoia - 05:24
D104 Watching The Grass Grow - 04:06
D105 Dragons And Fables - 03:59
D106 Night Of The Hawks - 05:44
D107 Utopia > Social Alliance - -7:10
D108 Motorway City - 07:35

Disc 2.
part 2
D201 Magnu > Dust Of Time - 08:41
D202 Waiting For Tomorrow - 06:00
D203 Master Of The Universe > Ejection > Uncle Sam's On Mars > Martian disco stomp - 16:21
D204 Brainstorm - 08:17
Part 3 - Encore
D205 Sonic Attack - 07:58
D206 Right Stuff > You Shouldn't Do That - 09:42


One of the best gigs of my life. From the astounding start of Ghost Dance through Born to Go, Motorway City Uncle Sam, Sonic Attack and The Right Stuff.
The Band are clearly having a great time - especially Fred and Nik feeding off each other superbly. Dave pounding out the rhythm and the new boys Alan and Clive fully in the groove. Harvey not present for some reason, could have been sublime with two keyboards.

We had a great time in Amsterdam, slept in the park got moved on by the cops so just slept in the street. The next night we slept outside the train station - NOT recommended. However the easyiest score ever at the back of the Melkweg hall at the hash and weed stall.

I went to this with the mighty Cowtruck, so this ones for him. \m/ StuArt.