Hawkwind - Amsterdam Melkweg - 1st August 1984

Musicians: Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Huw Lloyd Langton, Alan Davey , Dead Fred, Clive Deamer.

A Genuine StuArt Space Rock Preservation Society Master Stereo Recording (SRPS CD019/20)

Recorded using an Awia recording walkman and an external stereo mic from the very front of the balcony, fairly central onto TDK MA C90 tape for parts 1 & 2 and a TDK SA 90 for part 3 & 4 with dolby off.

Transferred in March 2007 to Adobe Audition, tracked and added fades in Adobe Audition 2012. I have used Hard Limiting on loud crowd sections of applause and not any music. Apart from that I have only Normalised.

Lineage: Casette (0) > Adobe Audition > Flacs > torrent > you.

This recording complies to Hawkwinds trading rules policy - http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk/trading%20rules.htm

Disc 1
D101 Ghost Dance - 05:32
D102 Angels Of Death - 05:44
D103 Born To Go > Ten Seconds Of Paranoia - 05:59
D104 Watching The Grass Grow - 04:04
D105 Dragons And Fables - 04:13
D106 Night Of The Hawks - 05:34
D107 Utopia 1984 > Social Alliance - 06:50
D108 Motorway City - 07:17

Disc 2
D201 Magnu > Dust Of Time - 07:34
D202 Waiting For Tomorrow - 06:29
D203 Master Of The Universe > Ejection > Uncle Sam's On Mars > Martian disco Stomp - 16:27
D204 Brainstorm > Sonic Attack - 11:22
- Tape flip -
D205 Brainstorm II - 02:36
- Encore
D206 Right Stuff - 06:46
D207 Silver Machine - 05:55

After sleeping in the street and spending a day hanging out in Amsterdam, Frenchy sees us outside the Melkweg and lets all 6 of us in for free. We then spend the next few hours getting stoned with Nik in the dressing room. Then find ourselves a good spot at the front of the balcony and settle in for the evening show. I'm totally wiped out by then and sleep through the support band. Nik gives us a shout out before Born to Go, tidy. A great few days and two amazing shows. I think this one sounds a bit better because of the metal TDK MA tape can handle the volume better.

Enjoy this great spaced out set.
StuArt 2012