This one is from Nicky Carroll's Facebook group "The Hawkwind Emporium"
Nickys original words:
Little Gem here for you folks,I was kindly sent this today from Neil Bilkey who recorded this show back in the day !! So please say a big thanks to him!! Its a great recording of a fine gig and I never had this in my collection so thanks again Neil Bilkey !! I've put this up in FLAC as its a 1st Gen recording so enjoy!!!

1984-11-25 University, Norwich, UK
1st gen audience, fixed SBE, posted on Dime.
My thanks goes to Neil & Nicky.

Info from
Date: 25/11/1984 Dave Brock Huw Lloyd Langton
Town: Norwich Alan Davey Clive Deamer
Venue: University Harvey Bainbridge Nik Turner
Set: Watching The Grass Grow; Motorway City; Got Your Number; Coded Languages;
Dragons And Fables; Ejection; Paranoia; Space Chase; Curse Of Man; Psi
Power; Angels Of Death; Solitary Mind Games; Right Stuff; Ghost Dance;
Nuclear Toy (Drive); Mark Of Cain; Assault & Battery; Night Of The Hawks;
Orgone Accumulator; Master Of The Universe; Death Trap; Brainstorm