Worthing, England, UK
Assembly Rooms
29. Nov 1984

Disc 1:

01 Dream Dancers
02 Watching The Grass Grow
03 Motorway City
04 Got Your Number
05 Coded Languages
06 Dragons & Fables
07 Ejection
08 Paranoia
09 Space Chase
10 Damned By The Curse Of Men
11 Psi Power
12 Angels Of Death
13 Solitary Mindgames
14 Orgone Accumulator

Disc 2:

01 Ghost Dance
02 Sonic Attack
03 Mark Of Cain
04 Assault & Battery
05 Night Of The Hawks
06 The Right Stuff
07 You Shouldn't Do That
08 Silver Machine
09 <encore break>
10 Master Of The Universe
11 Death Trap
12 Brainstorm


Harvey Bainbridge
Dave Brock
Alan Davey
Clive Deamer
Huw Lloyd-Langton
Danny Thompson
Nik Turner

Shared to fill a gap in aaproman's collection.

This is another one I received in a postal trade donkey's years ago and the first time I've shared this online
so it might fill a gap in a few Hawkwind fans collections.

Sound infinetly better than Coventry 81 a solid 5/5/10 or VG to VG+.

As always share freely but NEVER sell. Don't covert to lossy unless for personal use.

Lets remember Hawkwind are a current active touring band:

So support them by going to gigs, buying their cd's and merchandise etc. I will be there in Manchester to watch them in September 2021 and I'll be buying their new LP Somnia.

Check out their official website here: http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk

Also check here for the bands current trading/recording policy: http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk/trading%20rules.htm and this recording is allowed by the band under those rules.

You can also find detailed info on their re-issue back catologue here: http://cherryred.co.uk/atomhenge/main.htm

Anyway I glad I could help a fellow Hawkwind fan fill a gap in their collection

Lets keep the motors running.