1985-11-10 City Hall, Sheffield, UK
Unknown generation tape, files recived in trade, fixed SBE, posted on Dime.

Date: 10/11/1985 Musicians: Dave Brock Huw Lloyd Langton
Town: Sheffield Alan Davey Danny Thompson
Venue: City Hall Harvey Bainbridge
Set: Intro; Song Of The Swords; Dragons And Fables; Sea King; Angels Of Death;
Shade Gate; Rocky Paths; Pulsing Cavern; Master Of The Universe; Dreaming
City; Choose Your Masks; Assault & Battery; Sleep Of A 1000 Tears;
Zarozinia; Brainstorm; Moonglum; Elric The Enchanter; Needle Gun; Magnu;
Dust Of Time; Chaos Army; Horn Of Destiny