De Montfort Hall
Leicester, UK

28 November 1985

Lineage: Unknown recording gear > Cassette > Pioneer CT-W208R > Edirol HR-09 > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWave > TLH

Transfer & artwork by boombox

Setlist (103 minutes):
1. Introduction
2. Song Of The Swords
3. Dragons And Fables
4. Sea King
5. Angels Of Death
6. Shade Gate
7. Rocky Paths
8. Narration
9. Pulsing Cavern
10. Master Of The Universe
11. Dreaming City
12. Choose Your Masques
13. Assault & Battery
14. Sleep Of A Thousand Tears
15. Narration
16. Zarozinia
--------- SUGGESTED DISC SPLIT ---------
17. Narration
18. Brainstorm
19. Moonglum
20. Elric (The Enchanter)
21. Narration
22. Needle Gun
23. Conjuration Of Magnu
24. Magnu
25. Dust Of Time
26. Fight Sequence
27. Horn Of Destiny
28. Coded Languages
29. Born To Go
30. Arrival In Utopia
31. Levitation

Hawkwind 1985 line-up:
Dave Brock
Huw Lloyd-Langton
Alan Davey
Harvey Bainbridge
Danny Thompson

boombox's notes june 2017:
This tape was bought in my student union coffee bar, back in the days when taping off the radio or buying bootleg cassettes or LPs was just about the only way to get live shows. It was sold recorded across a pair of Sony C60 tapes, but, judging by the way it was chopped up, I think it was originally recorded on longer media. In this way, I have managed to hide the splits fairly well as the trader allowed a bit of overlap. The show sounds like it was recorded on pretty basic equipment, which struggled to cope, but it's still listenable. Unsure of generations, but probably about third generation as there is some hiss. The balance was all over the place across the various sides of the cassettes, which I've done my best to fix. Other than that, it's just fades and normalisation - no EQ or compression has been used.

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