Hawkwind - The Academy, Bournemouth, UK. 9th December 1986 (cassette master)

01 intro-Magnu
02 Angels of Death
03 Assault & Battery
04 Lost Chronicles
05 Needle Gun
06 Dragons & Fables
07 Shade Gate
08 Rocky Paths
09 Master of the Universe
10 Dreaming City
11 Arrival in Utopia
12 Choose Your Masques
13 Moonglum
14 Brainstorm
15 Dreamworker
16 The Island
17 Brainstorm
18 Sonic Attack
19 Hassan I Sabha

Lineage: Aiwa walkman(built-in mics, auto level)>TDK D120>Sony tape deck>Yamaha Pocketrak 2G>USB>Soundforge>dBpoweramp. No EQ used.

I was a bit reluctant to torrent this gig as the sound is a bit raw. The Academy is a small Victorian ballroom with a high roof, very similar to the old Camden Palace in London (now Koko I think). My taping position was on an open staircase just above the mixing desk, so my recorder had an uninterrupted shot at the PA from over the audiences heads. And it was VERY loud. Anyway, after encouragement to make it available from MARTINBLUBOY and reassessing the tape I realised it's not too bad just a bit shrill, you may need to turn the treble down.

It's a very lively performance by the band who seem to be having trouble with some of the audience gobbing at them! The room was packed with all the local lowlifes.


01 intro-Magnu.flac:e4a4cf9154deabb285f9a9d0913020f4
02 Angels of Death.flac:d8119144d01ecea14ea062d3fba059a5
03 Assault & Battery.flac:f6792af9da9f209e3fbc0f0201bd2ff4
04 Lost Chronicles.flac:b8732d6dcd012cbf753bac2029e6c5e7
05 Needle Gun.flac:05e7c955247fa01ac7e7554ea27f4d23
06 Dragons & Fables.flac:2fdf98f90f2556577156f295770b2a74
07 Shade Gate.flac:dfdc2c8409e3961504c3e588461798b4
08 Rocky Paths.flac:e5391d4f0ef8cc753e3d3c7af7c48da2
09 Master of the Universe.flac:1c7f96fc5d30ca18ad941c2f29105df5
10 Dreaming City.flac:f21e792441a6d480b0a7554051e71d11
11 Arrival in Utopia.flac:37489237c06abec3cdcc3329189c6f1e
12 Choose Your Masques.flac:b5de0b139df2502984f706ff20de2aaa
13 Moonglum.flac:bc706eb58223867349f6673e9cf78588
14 Brainstorm.flac:e6bc8a5c5fc1dc2cc7df15faf0c793a5
15 Dreamworker.flac:290102033660a27bd6590db45563ea1e
16 The Island.flac:ee49cceaa1c9436b674b33b43321fb72
17 Brainstorm.flac:2334d197bd4288c5e6a853b549be2829
18 Sonic Attack.flac:bb0d7556d1201854c655bc0c8411c987
19 Hassan I Sabha.flac:d952753b9842a652cc82c26275cf1d97

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