Reseed: first seeded on Dime 12 March 2008 by Sonic_Hawk

Hawkwind performing under the name Agents of Chaos (AOC) - popularly known as HawkDog.

1988-07-30: Barnstaple - Armada Rock Festival, North Devon, UK.

01 intro & Right Stuff
02 Psychedelic Warlords
03 Safe Zone [Tubilah Dog song] - bit missing in middle.
04 Step Down [Tubilah Dog song]
05 Motorway City - Golden Void - Spirit of the Age
06 City of Tiny Lights [Frank Zappa cover] - tape ran out.

07 Imhotep [Tubilah Dog song]
08 Lucifer Sam [Pink Floyd cover]
09 Sonic Attack
10 Lost Chronicles -instrumental
11 Needle Gun
12 Shot Down in the Night

(No encore, due to curfew enforcement by the police. Run time 1h 17m.)

LINE UP info is a bit sketchy... Brock was definitely there, take your pick from this lot for the rest:

Dave Brock on Guitar, Synths & Vocals
Harvey Bainbridge on Synths & Vocals
Jerry Richards on Lead Guitar & Vocals
Steve Mills on Vocals
Alf Hardey on Keyboards
Mark Bannister on Guitar
Andy Copeland on Drums
Tim Kelsall on Bass Guitar & Vocals

LINEAGE: AUD (C90 taped by me) > WAV > FLAC

Quality: around 8, but fluctuates due to the breeze and to changes in stage sound output. Some parts reach 8, other bits descent to 6. The first track isn't the best-sounding, so don't be discouraged.

Recording details

Taped on 30 July 1988, Barnstaple Armada Rock Festival.
Recorder: Philips N2415 portable cassette recorder with AGC (automatic gain) by default.
Mics: Can't remember. Cheap ones.
Tape: TDK TD90. Tape was lost in 2005 and found in 2008.

Digitised to WAV March 2008 using Cakewalk GT Pro v2 (in preference to v3).
Some EQ applied, boosting the higher end and toning down a few bass rumbles.
Some AGC artefact adjustments and other minor volume issues dealt with. And recording breaks tidied up.

FLACs created with Trader's Little Helper.
First ever distribution: Dime (internet) and on CD, 12 March 2008.

The missing bit in track 3 is because someone accidently trod on the cassette recorder & turned it off.
The delay in turning the tape over between tracks 6 and 7 was due to me being very stoned.
The missing seconds at the end of tracks 8 and 9 were due to recorder resets: the tape was squealing.

The person saying "you wanna toke?" at 03:09 into Motorway City is me! It was a spliff containing high-grade oil, that I'd just lit, when someone passed by and stopped for a minute.

******************************Pass It On**************************

I taped this gig. And digitised it. And seeded it on bit torrent. But I still think the recording belongs to Hawkwind! Therefore, only THEY can stipulate how it's distributed in the future. Hawkwind's trading conditions currently do not bar the distribution of shows in MP3 form.

Cheers (Sonic_Hawk) Dec 2008