Hawkwind - Coronet - Woolwich - June 3, 1989 (2016) [Flac] {From Master Tape}

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I found some artwork and a scan of a ticket on the net - Both included in the torrent


Dave Brock - Guitar - Synths - Vocals
Harvey Bainbridge - Synths - Vocals
Alan Davey - Bass
Richard Chadwick - Drums
Simon House - Violin



01 - Intro
02 - Brainstorm
03 - Down Through The Night
04 - Treadmill
05 - Time We Left
06 - Assassins Of Allah
07 - Assault And Battery
08 - Golden Void
09 - Back In The Box


01 - Damage Of Life
02 - Arrival In Utopia
03 - Paranoia - You Know Your Only Dreaming
04 - Damnation Alley
05 - The Right Stuff
06 - Ejection
07 - Lost Chronicles

I first received this show in the old days of tape trading through the post.
My good trading friend Ian V from Croydon taped this show at the Coronet in
Woolwich. I lost contact many years ago but Ian if your still around drop me
a line, it would be great to hear from you.

He taped this show from the balcony with his Sony Professional Walkman. Don�t
know what mic he used other than it was a decent quality stereo mic. At first
I had a first gen copy from his master tape but later, for personal reasons he
gave up tape trading and I acquired a large part of his tape collection. I made
these CDR's some years ago from his master tape, taped on a TDK AD X cassette.
I used a tape deck and computer that I no longer have so I have no great detail
for you. What I can say is the recording on the CDR's is every bit as good as
what was on the tape. I captured the recording with Nero Wav Editor and applied
a bit of a fade in and out on each disc. No other EQ or tampering of any kind
was done. After this I set some track markers in Roxio Wav Editor then I just
burned to discs.

Sorry for a general lack of info but this was done in my early days of tape
transfer before I knew much about lossless trading in general. I also parted with
my tape collection some years back so I no longer have this tape. This is as
close to the master as you can get now.

The show itself is quite an interesting one. Simon House was back in the line
up playing electric violin. Two new songs, Treadmill and Back In The Box were
being performed well before they were commercially released and a Dave Brock
solo number, The Damage Of Life was also in the set. The quality of the
recording is very good and all in all it's generally a nice set.

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