Corn Exchange

prob. Tandy mics.>WM-D6>TDK-SA cassette>Yamaha SW1000XG A/D>.wav>CEP>.wav>.shn.

* Converted to flac and added tags.
* Reformatted this info file.

1. Assault & Battery>
2. The Golden Void
3. Poem
4. Magnu>
5. Down Through The Night>
6. The Treadmill
7. Time We Left This World Today>
8. Heads>
9. Time We Left This World Today
10. Out Of The Streets>
11. Snake Dance>
12. Night Of The Hawks>
13. jam

14. Back In The Box>
15. Arrival In Utopia>
16. Paranoia>
17. Poem
18. Dream Worker
19. Ground Control To Pilot
20. Ejection
21. Sonic Attack>
22. Urban Guerilla>
23. Death Trap>
24. Kings Of Speed>
25. Death Trap
26. Audience Applause
27. Dave Brock Rap
28. Hassan I Sahba>
29. Wind Of Change

Dave Brock : Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Harvey Bainbridge : Keyboards, Vocals
Alan Davey : Bass Guitar, Vocals
Richard Chadwick : Drums
Simon House : Violin

There were some major problems on side 2 of the original cassettes. The recording level is very low, probably on account of a mechanical issue, and the level was raised very significantly, in CEP. The background hiss was also therefore increased significantly. Some parts of this 45 minute section were amplified with CEP's "Hard Limit" function, compressing the peaks so as to enable a greater amplification of the troughs.

Some crackling at 0:34 in d1t01 was minimised in CEP
A Left channel dropout at 2:35 in in Back In Your Box was repaired, with another increase in background hiss.

If future technology allows rejoining of the 2 discs to a single unbroken performance, the final track of the first disc, and the first track of the 2nd disc - fade-out and fade-in respectively - overlap a second or so of the corresponding track on the other CD, at full volume. Therefore the audio may be edited/rejoined to sample accuracy, with appropriate software. Alternatively the "official" .shn files "Hawkwind 1989-12-15d1t13b" and "Hawkwind 1989-12-15d2t00" may be discarded, joining d1t11 to d2t01.