Dave Brock-guitar/vox/keys
Alan Davey-bass/vox/synth
Richard Chadwick-drums
Bridget Wishart-vox
the Channel
Boston, Mass.
November 28, 1990
(Architechtural Metaphor opened)
performance quality: A- (My favorite HW show of this era that I've heard. Very good tight show)
recording quality: B to B+ (has right channel flaws in some parts, due to mike chord problems,
most have been repaired by monoizing some sections but some still remain.)
source: master audience tapes
runtime: 98:34
disc 1
1: angels of death 12:08
2: the golden void (spliced, tape flip) 7:15
3: ejection 11:25
4: wings 5:03
5: out of the shadows > 10:26
6: snake dance > 4:50
7: night of the hawks > the 7th star 10:11

disc 2
8: TV suicide 6:20
9: back in the box > 9:42
10: Hassan I Sabha (a.k.a. Assassins of Allah) 4:07
11: images (spliced, tape flip) 9:06
12: (encore) reefer madness 7:51
(thanks to mcfessel for the setlist.
Track 8 starts at one of the only points in this show that is suitable for a disc break.)
lineage: Realistic mini-mikes >
Sony D-6 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S cassettes >
soundforge 4.5 (WAV) >
FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
A this and that,
you are there production.
this is a 3 step torrent when first posted.
(master > WAV > FLAC > torrent.)
This time, tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11 were re-tracked,
requiring an additional FLAC > WAV and WAV > FLAC conversion.
unfortunately the sb's were still not aligned at that time so for 2010 reseeding
a flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned) reconversion was done to remove the sbe's.
a this and that and this and that and this and that production.
it wasn't intended to be done that way, but at least now it should sound pretty good.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
Very nice versions here of angels of death, back in the box, out of the shadows
Hassan I sabha and reefer madness.
comments: I included a spliced track of "edge of time" in addition to the split version,
the 1st time I posted this, and also left a song in 2 parts (images) so for 2009 I've
amended things, including some re-tracking. this was a project to make it listenable
and was 1st posted without a sound sample, and with a few confusing aspects to it.
not only that, this is a conjoined twin torrent surgery seperation project.
hopefully all of that has been rectified in 2009 posting. so there's been some alteration
to these Hawkwind FLAC files from the 1st post. the tracking here is considerably better
than my 1st post of this was. the 2010 reseeding has the sb's aligned, otherwise no other
flac alterations were made to the 2009 posting.
This has Hawkwind's full set, recorded standing about 15 feet right in front of
center stage, with no obstruction to the stage at all in AM set, occasionally
some in HW set, very good stereo seperation in the recording. I may have missed
the 1st second or 2 of the AM beginning (mike switch not on) but it's barely noticable,
and despite the Radio Snack mikes, they did a good job here (as they have many times).
the Hawkwind set was much more of an adventure, due to a mike cord connection problem.
most of those noises are gone now, they all show up in the right channel because
several times the right side mike connection was pulled slightly, causing loud static
usually for a split second only at a time, some parts more extended. The left side had
no problems. So if anyone hears a little more static in a track than they can handle
(I only removed the most noticable parts which were very loud by splicing the left side
into those parts) you can just monoize the whole track and there will be no static at all.
The mono parts still sound good too, alot better than the staticy stereo, but Hawkwind is a
band better heard in stereo. Fortunately I was able to leave well over half of this concert
in stereo. Tracks 1-8 are mostly or all stereo, due to a couple of hundred short patchings,
but the last 5 minutes of it had way too much shorting out to fix on the right
side so it's mono. Tracks 9-12 have several long mono portions. I tried to preserve as
much of the stereo effect as I could, because the stereo effect is pretty good in this
recording. I used my head for seperation on this one (literally) and some may find it
annoying to have the recording switch randomly from mono to stereo and back. Fortunately
alot of it is not too noticable, and the mike chord problem is even less so now. (some
400 patches later) I was really pissed, I had similar problems recording HW the 1st time
I saw them in 1989 too, with different mikes. It was only a problem a couple of times
very briefly in the Arch. Met set, which is almost unnoticable now. Same deck, mikes
and recording location, but after all this patching (they ought to just call me patches)
it will be a much nicer adventure for you all to hear, since otherwise it's a nice recording,
and unlike my 89 one, I got the whole show this time, with just the usual 2 tape flip interruptions.
(my 89 has about 8 min. missing near the beginning of the show) and if not for the mike
chord problems in parts of this one, it would be close to the quality of the Ambler, Pa.
1990, 1/2008 upload from zombiwoof (which is quite nice). The Angels of Light is a very
good version here (I think it starts about 3 min. into track 1) and track 6 is a nice
one too (probably 4 songs, the third one night of the hawks), track 8 is a nice long
juicy back in the box jam > hassan I sabha, the best version I've ever heard of that one.
This was a general admission standing room stage area situation, so I just stood in
the optimum spot which is where you hear it from now. Don't let the Radio Shack put
you off to this one. Most of my recordings with them have come out well. Not too much
crowd noise, the band is right there, where they belong. I've made this seamless.
There aren't many stoppages in this concert. lots of jamming, all the instruments and
vocals sound very good in this show, band had a real good night, the songs flowed very
smoothly from one to the next, no obvious mistakes in the music.
As much as I like Hawkwind and have several of their live shows due to recent dimestorms,
this is the show I listen to more than any other HW. I'm partial to it because I saw it,
but mostly because I thought this was an excellent concert, and I was able to stand in
almost perfect spot to record this. The Channel is not the best for its sound, although
their sound system was pretty good for this, the place was very kind to both these bands
acousticly. Probably the best sound I've ever heard for a Channel concert. The sound for
both was very good at the show and in the capture of it so enjoy this one, it has become
a personal glasnostrd19 listening favorite since its Jan. 2008 2nd transfer. This was a 1st
time seed from my master tapes of both these fine sets that I think will be a welcome (to
the future) addition to your hard drive. this one may be my favorite post-70's HW show.