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I'm very proud to co-present Analog Masters made by PER-ERIK from Sweden!
Together with Luciferburns, we now present a new series; PER-ERIK ANALOG MASTERS.

Per Erik has sent me all of his master cassette tapes (over 150 recordings) through 1985-1995. I�m on a mission to transfer all of his recordings with the Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck, and will complete the uploads Luciferburns does.


VOL.CXX (120)

Date: 1991-10-02
City, Country: Uppsala, Sweden
Location: Barowiak

Recorded by; PER-ERIK, Transfered by; JONTEBUS

Recording Info; SONY WM-D6C > MARANTZ EM-8 > Cassette Tape.

Transfer Info; Cassette Tape > Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck > SONY PCM-M10 (24bit/44,1kHz) > iZotope RX (for hissreduction and sometimes minor eq) > Audacity for Mac (for tracksplitting).


Uploaded by; "Jontebus"


01. Needle gun
02. Ejection
03. Time we left this world today
04. Blue shift
05. Out of the shadows
06. Snake dance
07. Night of the hawks
08. Levitation
09. Arrival in Utopia
10. Master of the universe
11. Golden void
12. Hassan I Sahba

Per Eriks notes: Recorded 3-4 meters from the right PA. Didn�t know that much about this band, except that they had existed
for a long time, but it was a good performance with extremely loud PA (pants fluttered by the loud volume when the bass
player hit his notes). Pretty short set with a good psychadelic lightshow. Not completely sold out show at Barowiak.
There were 3 members in the band.

Jonas notes: I�ve tried to get the setlist right, using setlist.fm - but chances are there are more songs than I�ve noted.

We hope you enjoy this recording!