Royal Court Theatre
3rd May 1992

Electric Teepee
Right To Decide
Seven By Seven
The Right Stuff
Out Of The Shadows
Space Dust / Snake Dance
Mask Of The Morning
Secret Agent
Assassins Of Allah
Heads / Don't Understand
Damnation Alley
The Golden Void
Blue Shift
Psi Power
Time We Left
Master Of The Universe
Welcome To The Future

Audio Technica Mic > Aiwa Cass
Tape(1st Gen) > Teac V-1050 > Edirol R-1 > Wavelab > CDWave

I used to record gigs to C120 Tapes, but as I was paranoid about the fragility of the tapes i would copy the recording to C90 or C60.. the 120's have been long lost to the ether hense the 1st Gen tape.