An audience tape received in trade

Audience recording (equipement unknown) > TDK D60 > Technics HX Pro deck > soundblaster > EAC > Flac.

No filters used just track markers put on by EAC.

Rated at 8/10

01 intro
02 out of the shadows
03 right to decide
04 seven by seven
05 right stuff
06 wastelands
07 land of inspirations
08 be yourself
09 letting in the past
10 secret agent
11 hassan i sahba - space is their - hasssan i sahba

12 golden void
13 lsd
14 blue shift
15 brainstorm
16 camera that could lie
17 brainstorm
18 crowd & tune up
19 born to go
20 welcome

Quality is quite good for an audience recording of that time (pre DAT recorders)

I have quite a few Hawkwind tapes of dates not uploaded to dime, so watch this space.

I would be greatful if anyone fancies doing some artwork.