Koln (Cologne), Live Music Hall, Germany.
02 December 1993.
Very good audience recording.

Cassette trade (thanks BP), EAC, Flac8, Dime.

101. Intro
102. Letting In The Past
103. Tibet Is Not China
104. Psychedelic Warlords
105. Sputnic Stan
106. Green Finned Demon
107. Do That
108. Instrumental
109. Golden Void
110. Right Stuff
111. Iron Dream
112. Hassan I Sahba (Fade out)

-----Tape Flip------

201. Hassan I Sahba (Fade in)
202. Altair
203. Quark Strangeness and Charm
204. Instrumental
205. LSD
206. The Camera That Could Lie
207. LSD (reprise)
208. Right To Decide
209. The Dream Has Ended (Fade out)

This is 90 minutes long, the original tape is 95 minutes long with an instrumental and Welcome at the end. Has anyone got the full version they can upload?