Burg Herzberg Festival 1996
Breitenbach, Hessen, Germany
July - 20 - 1996
Main Stage


Rec. Info:
Aiwa CM 30 Mic -> Sony WMD6 -> Master cassettes (Maxell XL II90) -> Zoom H2n (at WAV 16/44) -> SD -> HD -> Audacity (edit/volume balance and just a bit of bass boost) -> WAV 16/44 ->
TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...welcome to the future...
Very good to excellent recording. A bit of chatter audible here and there, but nothing too serious. Place was packed to the limit. Fantastic vision and sound!
All thanks to Juhab1 for capturing this - at least for me - supreme delightful moment of music history some 16+ years ago. Hell, is that really that long ago?

The story behind...
I went to my first Burg Herzberg Festival in the summer of 1995 with a bunch of Deadhead friends. The lineup including MAN, PENTANGLE ANEKDOTEN or THE GRANDMOTHERS was just too
tasty to stay away. I was not really surprised, that Mr. Juhab was also there. We'd known each other from many Deadhead-Meetings or Grateful Dead related concerts. I was well surprised
to see him tape a bunch of shows there. Well, that was long before myself started taping. We met at the "Holy Mountain of the Heart" for about a decade, even after the german DH-Scene
dimished, and both of us split off it. After Juhab also stopped to visit the Festival, our contact got lost. But a few years later...
Meanwhile I jumped on the Dime tracker, and after one or two years started uploading my recordings here. I remember many of my first torrents were Herzberg-Shows. And, after hooking up
again with old friends like Mr. Maddrax (with whom I went to eight Dead-Shows in the USA in 1994), and making new friendships with other tapers like Mr. Hanwaker, Mr. Fliederchris,
Mr. Seethelight7, Mr. FBauer or Mr. Dimenew, one day I realised that Mr. Juhab was also on Dime. Immediately I remembered his recordings. Well, it took about another year, until - with
good talk from the great hanwaker - I was allowed to get access to the collection. You can believe me, as I got the list mailed - I fell of my chair! Woah! And here they come...

I'll try to keep all sources most possible untouched. What you get is what had happened. If I think there's some new editing in need, or maybe the sound is unbalanced/too silent/too loud,
I'll do a bit of remastering, but very very careful. As next year is my 17th year at Burg Herzberg, you know how I feel about these shows, as they reflect some very fine and special
moments of my own past.


And now, "get the tape rolling"...

Christmas time again all over the world. Peace, love and happiness to all of you, wherever you are. But, hey, how about a spacey x-mas?
From the 9-10 times I was lucky to experience HAWKWIND, this is probably the 2nd to best, if not the best show I've witnessed. I remember myself totally freaking out during this show,
as it was far beyond the "lowest" show about 1 1/2 year earlier in Osnabrueck, with 60 minutes of techno-metal pseudo psych. This was from another much brighter galaxy.
As soon as I realized, that this show was among the recordings of dear Juhab1, I thought of giving this show a special place. And what's better than spreading this gift on such a day?
Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do! From far away in outer space, SB.


FULL SHOW (110:40 min.)

01. Abducted -> (3:37)
02. Psi power -> (6:08)
03. Awakening -> (2:31)
04. Photo encounter -> (6:23)
05. Blue skin -> (9:11)
06. Steppenwolf (4:01)
07. Hassan I Sahba -> Space is theirs (Palestine) -> Hassan I Sahba (10:56) *
08. Sputnik Stan -> (10:43)
09. Xenomorph -> (10:38)
10. Vega -> (3:40)
11. Love in space -> (11:22)
12. Kapal -> (5:47)
13. Aerospaceage inferno (4:58) **
14. Elfin -> (1:43)
15. Silver machine -> (3:27)
16. Welcome to the future/crowd (3:11)
17. Secret agent (12:15)
18. Aerospaceage inferno (not faded version) (4:58) ***

* fade after song ended, due to tapeflip.
** song fades out, due to tapeflip.
*** uncut version, if someone can paste the missing seconds in from another source...

Support the artists, visit their shows, go and buy all their merch! Wish they'd play Germany in 2013 again!
Please, do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use only!
If you sell (this) - we'll get you and escort you to hell! (But we leave for space before)

Between the artifical smoke and the sweet herbal clouds, my red scar eyes most likely viewed the following suspects an stage...

DAVE BROCK - guitar, vocals
ALAN DAVEY - bass, vocals
RICHARD CHADWICK - drums, vocals
RON TREE - vocals, stageact

@ HAWKWIND - will never forget this great show! SB.