Hawkwind 2000-02-22 Great Northern Byron Bay-CDR Postal Trade


02-The Right Stuff
03-Coded Languages
04-Motorway City
05-Assualt And Battery
06-The Golden Void
07-The Forge Of Vulcan
08-Habba I Sahba
09-Spirit Of The Age
10-Arrival In Utopia
12-Free Fall
13-Love In Space
14-Sonic Attack

Dave Brock
Harvey Bainbridge
Jerry Richards
Simon House
Richard Chadwick
Steve Taylor

Ok so this is another one I received in a postal trade from back in the day
Outside of postal trading I have never shared this show before and so this might be a new date for some of you.

Its from Hawkwinds month long February tour of Australia and New Zealand and I love this particular moment
in Hawkwinds long career gigging career.

Soundwise on this is that it's good, the taper has done a fine job.

So sound quality I'll give this a solid 7.5/10 or EX its very nice indeed when compared to other shows that I have recently shared.

But I want to thank Hawkwind for them allowing fans to record and share shows up to December 2012.
I'm aware it is a privilige granted by the band to their fans and I thank them for that.
Whenever I've seen the band recently there is always a great connection between the fans and the band
and long may that continue.

As always share freely but NEVER sell. Don't covert to lossy unless for personal use.

Lets remember Hawkwind are a current active working and touring band:

So support them by going to gigs, buying their cd's and merchandise etc. I will be there in Manchester to watch them in September 2021 and I'll be buying their new LP Somnia which I've already
pre ordered.

Check out their official website here: http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk

Also check here for the bands current trading/recording policy: http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk/trading%20rules.htm and this recording is allowed by the band under those rules.

You can also find detailed info on their re-issue back catologue here: http://cherryred.co.uk/atomhenge/main.htm

Lets keep those motors running and "Fire All Boosters".