Northampton, UK

Quality: very good to excellent

Info below is as I originally received. Thanks to the original taper and thanks to the band for allowing trading again.

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Source: CoreSound binaurals > Sharp MD831 Minidisc.

Playback: Sony MDS-JE530 > Dio2448 > .wav

Disc 1:
1. Earth Calling
2. Aerospaceage Inferno
3. Angels Of Death
4. Out Of The Shadows
5. Time Captives
6. Master Of The Universe
7. Song Of The Gremlin
8. Time Confusion
9. Hurry On Sundown
10. Lighthouse

Disc 2:
1. The Watcher
2. Assassins of Allah >
3. Space Is Their Palestine >
4. Assassins Of Allah
5. You Shouldn't Do That
6. Earth Calling
7. Audience Applause
8. Sonic Attack
9. Silver Machine


Dave Brock: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Huw Lloyd-Langton: guitar, vocals
Ali Davey: bass, vocals
Richard Chadwick: drums
Tim Blake : keyboards
Arthur Brown : vocals

Fixed electrical click (still audible) at 39:48 of d1