London, England
20. Dec 2006

Source: Audience Mini Disc Recording
Taped and Transferred by: CF
Seeded by: SF


Dave Brock
Richard Chadwick
Alan Davey
Jason Stuart
*Huw Lloyd-Langton

Disc One:
Intro 1.49
The right stuff 6.37
Psychedelic Warlords 6.29
Dogstar 1.34
Orgone accumulator* 7.48
Paradox 7.19
Robot 7.59

Disc Two:
Out here we are 6.40
Greenback massacre 4.16
Marine snow 3.33
Lord of Light* 5.29
Images 6.28
Infinity 5.28
Assassins of Allah 9.56
Spirit of the age 7.08
Motörhead* 7.57
Brainstorm* 7.34

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