Hawkwind - 2008-12-15 - The Brook, Southampton, UK (Aud)

Band Name: Hawkwind
Venue: The Brook
City, County, Country: Portswood, Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Date: Monday 15th December 2008

Source: Audience (~15 feet from centre stage, with 16 inch left/right mic separation)
Lineage: Stereo Omni Mics (Panasonic WM-61A elements) & battery box (9V) -> JB3 (@44.1kHz) -> firewire
-> HD -> *.wav -> DVD+R -> HD -> Wavelab6 & HarBal2.3 -> *.wav -> Foobar2000 (level 8) -> *.flac -> Dime

Recorded by: Cuztard Pi
Transferred & Mastered by: Cuztard Pi (New 2020 transfer & mastering from original wav on DVD+R backup)

Title: Sanyo Input #1

File size: WAV=1.02GB; FLAC=693MB

Set-list (1h 44min):
Master Of The Universe
Time We Left This World Today
Orgone Accumulator / You Know You're Only Dreaming
Who�s Gonna Win The War
Angels Of Death
Wraith ***
Arrival In Utopia
Band Introductions
Right To Decide
Fahrenheit 451 (Narration)
Damnation Alley
Silver Machine

folder art, flac tags & fingerprints files are included.
*** this recording is continuous but if you want to put it on 2xCDRs, after track 7 (Wraith) seems a good place for the split (or as you wish)

A short clip of this show found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeVNf6hvCLw

Band line-up:
Dave Brock � vocals, guitars
Niall Hone � guitar, synthesisers, 'computer', etc
Tim Blake � keyboards, synthesisers
Mr Dibs � bass
Richard Chadwick � drums

Here's another of my old JB3 recordings; this is the first time it has been openly shared (I didn't post it on Dime back in 2008 due to Hawkwind's live recording policy not allowing it; but now they say it's OK).

This was the first time I'd seen the band since circa 1975 and a very enjoyable show it was; this was pure nostalga for me, having been a big fan of the early years of the band. ... And, from this performance, apart from the band members, it seemed as nothing much had changed for a Hawkwind show in those 33 years.

The sound in the venue & on this recording reminds me of how it used to sound whilst totally p*ssed at any of the fun parties we had 'round my mate's parents' house during my teens when "Space Ritual" invariably ended up on the turn-table in the wee hours: i.e. warm & fuzzy.
As I remember it, it was pretty loud in the venue that night, which is evident by this recording, so it was quite tricky to make the best of the sound on this show. For the fun of it, I've produced a fresh remaster of this one from the original wav using my current live recording mastering processing. IMO it has come out nice. I've posted some samples in the thread below for you to be able to make up your own mind about it.

Oh, and BTW, in case you were wondering, no, this is not Hawkwind's legendary lost album "Sanyo Input #1" ;-D


For those interested - the basic details of the 2020 remastering applied to the WAV (using Wavelab6 & HarBal) are as follows:
A: Fully balance left & right channel volume & frequency response
B: Fix phase and adjust stereo image
C: Apply balancing EQ
D: Apply compression/Limiting (-1dB max) (increase average rms volume level to approx -12dB)
E: Add silent lead-in/lead-out and fade ins & outs
F: Track naming & split

A note for any finicky audiophiles out there:
Mastering has been done to polish my old raw master recording with the aim of enhancing the listening experience. If you prefer virgin recordings, unspoiled by any such amateur 'dabbling' then do not join in on this one. Be warned now ... I don't want any whingeing! ;-)

But for the rest of you Dime'ers I recommend that you GO FOR THIS ONE ... you won't be disappointed!
I score the sound quality as 8.5 out of 10 ( = A- ); but hey! ... don't flame me if you don't agree ... & at least keep it friendly ;-)

If you have any comments, whether positive, negative or otherwise, I would love to read them ... don't be a lurker!




Enjoy - Cuztard Pi - March 2020

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