02 Academy
5th December 2010

Zoom H2 rear mics >usb >Vegas5 & Soundforge6 (EQ's, Volume & Fades) >CD Wave (splits) >TLH (flac 8)

01 Blood Of The Earth
02 Shouldn't Do That
03 Lord Of Light
04 Sonic Attack
05 Star Cannibal
06 Northern Sands
07 Prometheus
08 Spirit Of The Age
09 Robot
10 Sentinel
11 Warriors
12 Angels Of Death
13 Tide Of The Century
14 Wraith
15 Brainstorm
16 break
17 You'd Better Believe It

Recorded 20 feet from the barriers, centre stage

The 1st 15 mins or so is slightly distorted.
I thought I had my levels correct but the sub-bass in the venue is something else, they must have turned it down after 15 mins
Gladly it doesn't hurt the recording too much

Some chatter here and there

Please don't redistribute as lossy