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17th December 2010

CD >EAC > TLH >Flac 8

01: Blood Of The Earth
02: You Shouldn't Do That
03: Lord Of Light
04: Sonic Attack
05: Star Cannibal
06: Northern Sands
07: Prometheus
08: Spirit Of The Age
09: Robot

01: Sentinel
02: Warriors Distorted vocals
03: Angels Of Death
04: Tide Of The Century
05: Wraith / Song For A New Age
06: Brainstorm
07: Psi Power
08: You'd Better Believe It
09: crowd

A mono, muddy recording with a touch of distortion here and there

I can't remember where I obtained this from, I think it was a download,
but as I have no flacs or info file, I guess it was in wav files.
I do remember the taper saying that it was in mono though

Thanks to the taper/trader