Bottom Line
New York City
6 March 1978
Early and late shows.

- the early gig on 6.3.78 stops in the middle of SONIC ATTAC
- the late gig on 6.3.78 stops in the middle of DEATH TRAP

06.03.1978, NEW YORK, BOTTOM LINE, 50/10 (1st gig)
101. intro
102. hassan i sahba
103. instrumental bridge
104. brainstorm
105. steppenwolf
106. high rise
107. robot
108. spirit of the age
109. sonic attack

06.03.1978, NEW YORK, BOTTOM LINE, 70/6 (2nd gig)
201. intro
202. hassan i sahba
203. brainstorm
204. steppenwolf
205. high rise
206. robot
207. spirit of the age
208. sonic attack
209. damnation alley
210. uncle sam's on mars
211. iron dream
212. death trap

Dave Brock - guitar, vocals
Robert Calvert - vocals
Simon House - keyboards, violin
Adrian Shaw - bass
Simon King - drums

This is a combination of two dead torrents that have been on dime.
I have put them together as they are from the same date, and because there is artwork available (also included), as a double CD.

The first gig I got as a vinyl bootleg "Live At The Bottom Line Club" many years ago from a backstreet used record shop somewhere in Germany.
The recording used here is the torrent "Hawkwind - New York, Bottom Line Club, 06 March 1978 (Remaster)" - original notes are as follows:

Audience recording, pretty good - this is surely one of the better Calvert-era audience recordings.

Historical Details:
This is an incomplete version of one of their shows on their last tour before breaking up and becoming the Hawklords. Simon House left the band on March 13 to join David Bowie. On 28th March the band played their final gig in San Francisco to break up immeadiatly after.

Technical Details:
This one was seeded in March at dime. The seeder claimed this to be from the bootleg "Live at the Bottom Line". I doubt this because
a. it has no vinyl crackle at all
b. there is no record flip inbetween (although there was a gap in the middle - but this didn't sounded like a flip)
c. it is missing "Sonic Attack" which is on the vinyl
d. a mp3-version which also claims to be from the boot has all the above evidents and is notable different

So therefore I would guess this simply as an audience recording. Anyway, this is the best sounding version of all the the New York-Concerts I have heard.

The main reason for remaster was that the show sounded much too slow. I pitched it up to 11% (!!) taking the studio versions and the Leicester 77 versions as a reference. After this the show became quite lively and much more enjoyable.

After this I
- patched a drop-out in Hassan-I-Sabha at around 5.00
- removed a gap after "High Rise"
- removed some unrelated chatter at the end
- normalized the left and right channel
- made a decent fade-in/fade-out

So the new lineage would be

AUD -> ??? -> CDR -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC -> Audacity -> CD Wave Editor (for cutting) > Flac

As Sonic Attack is missing I have recorded it from my vinyl copy and included it here.

The notes for the Second gig is as follows:

? > CD-R (trade) > EAC(secure, log included) > CE2k (boost, gap removal) > EAC (track split, cue included) > FLAC(6)

A very nice sounding audience recording. Unfortunately, the original digital transfer appears to have been done with a standalone unit that left nasty artifacts & microgaps after each track mark. Fortunately, they were short enough (a few 100ths of a second) that removing them seamlessly was easy.