BAND: Technicians of Spaceship Hawkwind (TOSH)
VENUE: Hawkfest 2008 (near Honiton, Devon, UK)
DATE: 2008-07-27 (Sunday 10pm)


Hawkwind probably are one of the few bands who run their own tribute band! In 2008, the core of TOSH was Mr Dibs' band Spacehead, and they kicked things off at this show. Then, for tracks 4, 5 and 6, Brock and other Hawks took to the stage. During Virgin of the World the personnel reverted mainly to Spacehead, but Brock came back for part of Brainstorm, and later for Ejection.

PERSONNEL (so far as I can tell):

Mr Dibs - bass, vox
Dave Brock - guitar (4, 5, 6, 8, 13)
Richard Chadwick - drums (4, 5 ,6)
Mr E? - drums on rest.
Keef Barton - vox (track 9), guitar, keys
Jason Stuart - keys (4, 5, 6, 8)
Tim Blake - Theramin, some tracks.
Mr Floyd - synths.

Thanks to Graham P, writing on Starfarer's site ( for some of the info on who did what.


01 Life Form
02 Master of the Universe
02 Void City
04 Needle Gun
05 Golden Void
06 Psi Power
07 Virgin of the World
08 Brainstorm
09 Infinity
10 Valium 10
11 Forge of Vulcan
12 You'd Better Believe It
13 Ejection

Thanx to Bernhard, owner of probably the biggest Hawkwind bootleg archive in the world, for sending me this CD! Technically (no pun intended) this isn't Hawkwind, but I still think of this as a Hawks gig.


Unknown (TRADE CD) > WAV (EAC) > glitch removals (Cakewalk GTP2) > FLAC (TLH)

QUALITY 9 - but the sonic landscape is heavily skewed towards drums and vox, making me wonder if this was taped from behind the tent. I believe drums and vox sometimes go through the PA and guitars etc go through other amps/speakers. The 'in-front' balance was nothing at all like this recording.


Hawkfest is a private Hawkwind festival, limited to around 1000 Hawkwind passport-holders. Anyone in the UK will remember how crap the summer was, but the Hawkfest weekend was really hot and sunny!

You can read more about Hawkfest on Starfarer's site, so all I'll say here is I spent hours getting pissed and stoned each day, and falling asleep at inconvenient times (like when Huw Lloyd-Langton played, and then Tim Blake) but I had a great time and didn't miss Hawkwind (Sat) and TOSH (Sun).

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