Hayes Carll & friends (Adam Carroll, Mark Jungers, Kim Deschamps & Romi Mayes)
December 05, 2006
The Saxon Pub
Austin, TX

Source 1: SBD, recorded by soundtec Richard Vannoy, produced by Joshua Cain
Source 2: audience, recorded by Aaron Wevodau. The source doesn't say what gear was used, but likely
it was SP-CMC-20->SP-SPSB-1->Sony MD

Mixed in Audacity and volume adjustment by scdegraaf
Making the mix was a challenge as the 2 sources were recorded to 2 different recorders
plus there was a slight speed difference between the 2 sources.

The greater part of the first track of disc two was only recorded by Aaron Wevodau.
The result is track one starts with audience only and after 01:48 minutes continues as a matrix.

The audience recording and/or the soundboard may have been on Dime in the past, but this mix is brandnew.

Song swap with Hayes Carll [HC], Adam Carroll [AC] and Mark Jungers [MJ] with Kim Descamps [KD], who also sings 2 of his own songs, accompanying on steel guitar.
Special guest Romi Mayes [RM] also sings 2 songs.

Disc One [01:02:50]
1. Introduction
2. Willing To Love Again [HC]
3. Teardrops [AC] <Adam Carroll/Mark Jungers>
4. [MJ]
5. Banter
6. Lost & Lonely [HC]
7. Banter
8. Low In The Mountains [AC]
9. It Ain't Funny When It's You [MJ]
10. Banter
11. Hey Baby Where You Been [HC]
12. Banter
13. Home Again [AC]
14. Banter & song intro
15. The Big Hook (1409) [MJ] <Mark Jungers/Adam Carroll>
16. The Border [KD]
17. Song intro
18. Ain't Enough Of Me To Go Around [HC] <Hayes Carll/John Evans>
19. Song intro
20. Rice Birds [AC]
21. Banter
22. Silos & Smokestacks [MJ]

Disc Two [47:42]
1. Banter
2. Sweet Something Steady [RM]
3. Banter
4. Arkansas Blues [HC]
5. Banter
6. Cane River Blues [AC]
7. Banter
8. Bible [RM]
9. Banter
10. Bucky's Car [MJ]
11. Banter
12. [KD]
13. Banter
14. Erroll's Song [AC]
15. Thanks
16. Wish I Hadn't Stayed So Long [HC]