Artist: Hayseed Dixie website.
Venue: Montey's, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England
Date: 2nd August 2005
Taper: Tradewalker
Location: Towards back of venue on the left, about 8 feet in front of soundboard,
just where the balcony starts.
Equipment: Aiwa CM-520 unpowered mic, to Sharp MD-MT88 Minidisc
Transfered: Using Mic input using MAGIX AUdio Cleaning Labs

Notes: This is a decent audience recording, with a little crowd noise.
There was a little feedback in places. Thankfully this was mainly between songs.
I've adjusted the volume in a couple of places and removed most of the in song banter,
as it wasn't always clear through the PA and there was a lot of noise around me between

Disk one
01. Dirty deeds
02. You shook me all night long
03. Black dog
04. Hells bells
05. Walk this way
06. Ace of spades
07. Kirby hill
08. Happy birthday to you (for Bex Marshall)
09. War pigs
10. ? (instrumental)
11. Holiday
12. Paradise
13. Moonshiner's daughter
14. Whole lotta Rosie
15. Fat bottomed girls
Disk two
01. Keepin' your poop in a jar
02. ? (Instrumental)
03. Highway to hell
04. Duelling banjos
05. May the circle be unbroken