Hayseed Dixie - Interpretive Dance Night

Cheltenham Town Hall, July 24 2007

Lineage - Yoga Em-8 mic > iRiver H140 running Rockbox > Goldwave (see below) > dBpowerAMP (convert to Flac)


01 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
02 Kirby Hill
03 Breaking The Law
04 You Shook Me All Night Long
05 My Best Friend's Girl
06 War Pigs
07 Walk This Way
08 Ace Of Spades
09 Holidays In The Sun
10 I Don't Feel Like Dancing
11 Corn Liquor
12 Take Me Home (Country Roads)
13 Fat Bottomed Girls
14 She Was Skinny When I Met Her
15 Bar B Q
16 I'm Keeping Your Poop
17 Holiday
18 The Moonshiner's Daughter
19 Hell's Bells
20 Down Down
21 Highway To Hell
22 Encore Break
23 The Rider Song
24 Duelling Banjos
25 Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Taped from midway back, right hand side by the wall - it sounded ok at the time, although the vocal was a little indistinct (especially during the spoken intros). The recording came out very quiet though, so I've boosted it as much as I dare. Then there is the problem of the left channel. It was unusable due to audible whirring from the hard disk on the H140 - I thought I'd solved this but evidently not. So this is dual mono - right channel in both ears. Still worth a listen though.

I've self indulgently titled this - the story behind it is that at a couple of points during the set (but especially ....Skinny) punters appeared on the stage and had a bit of a boogie, before being bundled off by security and/or what appeared to be the soundman. Barley referred to them as interpretive dancers, so there's the title.