Hayseed Dixie - Live @ Voxhall, Århus, Denmark 2008-04-08

This is a terrible recording of an amazing band! There's way too much distortion on the recording, as it was recorded much too loud. I haven't got used to my microphone yet. In between songs he says a lot of great stuff. But because of the quality, I'm not gonna listen to this more than once in a while. However, if you want it, it's here for the takin'. :)

Source: Zoom H2 Recorder with external SkyTronic microphone.

Setlist: 21 songs, including:

I Set Myself In Fire
Bouncing Betty Boogie
Fat Bottomed Girls
Born To Die In France
War Pigs
Highway To Hell
Ace Of Spades

The rest, I don't know the titles.

Happy listening.

*not for sale, made for fans by fans*

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