Dudley Connell & Hazel Dickens 13-dec-1988
Sign of the Whale Arlington, Virginia

--- cd 1/1 (64:30) ---

01 take me back to texas
02 only the lonely
03 don't bother to cry
04 here today gone tomorrow
05 [band introductions]
06 your greedy heart
07 dream of a miner's child [DC]
08 the tall timber [BM]
09 west virginia my home [HD/DC]
10 scraps from your table baby, ain't good enough for me [HD]
11 the sweetest gift
12 say won't you be mine
13 the coal tatoo
14 what would you give in exchange for your soul [HD/DC]

15 [outro - Lee Michael Dempsey]
16 [intro - Lee Michael Dempsey]
17 Kevin Jones & Rueben Musgrave - i'm not to blame
18 Ritchie Reunion - sweet little miss blue eyes

rate=44.1kHz source=sbd time=01:05 quality=9

note=Dudley Connell (guitar, vocals), Hazel Dickens (guitar, vocals),
note=Barry Mitterhoff (mando), Tom Adams (banjo), Marshall Wilburn (bass)

note=master WAMU FM CAS > DAT (A0D0); a few d/o's & hiss on CAS
note=level increase at 01:10 into "your greedy heart" from orig CAS
note=d/o removed at 01:30 into "say won't you be mine"
note=Ritchie Reunion is CAS > CAS > DAT (A1D0) - did some edits
note=DAT > SGI via dodat, 48k aiff > 44k wav via sfconvert,
note=fades & minor edits via soundeditor

note=broadcast 14-dec-1988
note=I attended the performance with Anne & Jack

note=uploaded to http://www.thetradersden.org bit torrent user dathead2 jan-2009
note=reseeded to http://www.thetradersden.org bit torrent user dathead2 jun-2011

note=WAMU Bluegrass Showcase

note=on 1xCDR & HDD